A Quick Question – What’s the first thing that people notice about your home, as they enter?

Yep, you’re right! It’s the entryway. A warm entryway coupled with a welcoming door, not only adds to the visual appeal of your home but also elevates the entire look of your home. An entryway is more than a boring hallway into your home. It’s like a window into your home’s soul and can also double up as a functional space, providing you with additional storage.

Why should you focus on the Entryway?

The entryway does not just help in forming the first impressions of your guests, but it is also the place that lingers in their mind, even after they leave your house. It’s the place where they’ll be saying their bye-byes before they finish their visit. So, let your personality shine through and give your entryways a modern twist to make them appealing and warm.

“Turn your House into a Home with the Right Design Touches.”

Here are some inspiring design ideas for your entryway. Whether you’re building from scratch or redecorating an existing space, these ideas will help you get the most of your space.

Embellish it with Custom Features

Try to match the entryway or the exterior of your home with the overall architectural elements of your home. Custom features are an excellent way to tie the entire theme.

For instance, if you have an industrial kind of space, then you can opt for the Moscow Sesame Black or the Hong Kong Metal Nero to match your interiors.

Update other doors as well

A back door is as important as your front door especially if the back door opens to a manicured lawn or a yard. Try to design the backyard entryway similar or complementing that of the primary entryway.

Update the entry with a Stylish Stone Façade

One of the most in-demand trends in home design is using Decor Slim Stone GmbH Veneers on both the interiors and exteriors. Take a look at our vast style of collections and pick the one that suits your theme and personality.

Don’t Neglect Safety and Accessibility

Entryways are magnets for accidents. Ensure that y