Here at Decor Slim Stone GmbH Veneers, we always emphasize how lighting plays a significant role in the outlook of our products on customers walls. So, in today’s article, we help you find the perfect lighting fixtures to pair with your brand new Decor Slim Stones.

When it comes to lighting, the first thing that you have to identify is the color of the light you require for your space. Will it be natural sunlight from a window, fluorescent (think white industrial style ones), led lights or warm tones (think the light from incandescent bulbs of yesteryears)?

Once you have decided on the color and mood of lighting that you require for your space, you can then start looking at the different types of lighting fixtures available in the market. Different lighting styles like the ultra-white industrial style to the warm yellow-tinges or even cool blue tones impact the overall look of your Decor Slim Stone GmbH veneer project.

So, what we’ll be focusing today in this article is not on just how to choose the right color of the light but also how to find the right fixture itself. A simple Google search or a casual glance at the popular online marketplaces will reveal thousands of light fixtures in all shapes, colors, sizes, and prices. With so many endless options, here in this article, we help you cut through the clutter and find the right light fixture for your Decor Slim Stone GmbH veneer project.

● For Accent Walls

If you have an accent wall lined with Decor Slim Stone GmbH veneers, then something like a prominent drop chandelier will highlight it all the more. Look for fixtures in colors that blend with the tones of the stones. Additionally, apart from the central chandelier, you can add a row of Halogen pendant to illuminate the stone wall, creating a dramatic interplay of light and shadows at night.

● For Kitchens

Here, you have to strike the right balance between functional and dramatic. Use LED strip lighting on the top and bottom of accent walls or counter tops to create a stunning visual effect. The LED strip not only adds to the contemporary look of your kitchen but also gives a sleek vibe to the room.

Personally, we feel that ivory is one of the best options for lighting in kitchens, as it strikes the perfect balance between feeling utilitarian and dramatic. Additionally, you can opt for the yellow hues of old incandescent lamps (now available in energy-efficient LED lighting), for a more rustic and less contemporary look.

● For Dining Spaces