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Natural Stone Slate Flexible Stone Veneer Laminate

Decor Slim Stone India leading veneer stone manufacturers has more than 28 years of collective experience in THIN stone slim veneer manufacturing in India, we command a TOP POSITION IN THE WORLD as a stone slim veneer stone supplier and manufacturer. Currently, we are supplying our stone veneer product worldwide as well as in India. We also supply stone veneer in different countries like China, Taiwan as well as Vietnam. With our vast experience in the segment we believe our FLEXIBLE VENEER SLIM STONE is providing the most practical and cost-effective product which is easy to handle and very easy to install in any outdoor or indoor application wall application and even in selected Flooring application.


The stone slim veneer product line is the most exhilarating novelties of the years gone by. These are light weighted, flexible and ultra-thin consisting of natural stone. Comes in different types - Slate, quartzite and sandstone, worker can work on these with his normal tools.

World Class Quality
Made in India

A highly accomplished, experienced team have put in their utmost efforts to keep the quality of Stone Slim Veneer to give total perfection. We strive to ensure that the esteemed clients across the world gets the best quality product at most competitive prices.

Inspiring Applications
Get Inspired

Applications are LIMITLESS, it covers• Building Industry, Wall-covering Inside/Outside, Flooring • Furniture Industry, Cabinet Doors, Table Tops • Interior Architecture, Reception Desks, Corporate Walls, Ceilings • Vehicles, Ship, Automotive Interior • Trade Show Exhibits… there is so much can be done using flexible veneer!


If you like Style, surely you will like to go at Decor Slim stones. There are too many varieties to choose and you can select your product by - colours, styles and different backings to apply about any idea. The market segments catered are quite extensive, for Stone slim Veneer possibilities are limitless!

What They Said About Us

“Thumbs up to Decor Slim Stone Team, we are really impressed with the comfort of dealing with your firm. We found turn-around time to be quick and quality of work very good. We definitely will be using your services again"
Mark Maxwell
“Let me tell everyone – what an awesome Decor Slim Stone Team is! Beautiful 3D peel and stick slim Veneer installed in the kitchen has changed Complete outlook and its looks so amazing. I moved back in my apartment in no time”
Carolina Gregory Farrell
“I highly recommended Decor Slim Stone 3D stone slim Veneer. We had all our dealings with them prior to actual execution was over the phone. We found their professionalism is second to none. Tough to find such good service now days”
Michael Rendell
"Excellent! Outstanding Quality & Team is very professional"
Sanjeev Sharma

We Thank you to our each and every single customer. It is just because of your continuous patronage that we are growing as an organization year on year in last 3 decades. Testimonials like these keep us motivated all the time and give our best in every single minute.

Our Strengths

  • OVER 400 designs in special finishes and textures

Why Decor Slim Stone?

Decor Slim Stone Veneer is one of the best quality natural stone slim veneer suppliers in the industry, with our Decorative stone laminate, 3D peel and stick stone slim veneer which is easy DIY installation in both exterior & interior application, our product features and benefits are unlimited. See for yourself.

Decor SlimStone is a leading supplier of slim stone veneer in India, providing a variety of natural slim stone veneers crafted right here in the subcontinent. Our collection includes thin stone veneers and thin stone veneer sheets, which are meticulously fashioned from a rich selection of natural materials like slate, quartzite, sandstone, marble, and limestone. Embrace the exquisite craftsmanship and geological splendor of India with our natural stone veneers, as you transform your spaces into a realm of elegance and timeless charm with Decor Slim Stone.

  • Increases Home Ambience
  • Indoor and Outdoor Application
  • Easy to Install
  • Affordable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Mould Resistant
  • 24 Beautiful Colours
  • Use on Any Wall Type

Installation Guide

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Our Collections

Browse our products and you will see our exquisite collection of thin stone & Slim veneer which are the best in market. More than 24 beautiful Stone Slim Veneer variety available to choose.

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Decor Slim Stone Veneer – Unmatched Beauty & Endless Possibilities

Stone veneer installation is super easy and quick. No drilling, lengthy installation or expensive labour. Just fix the veneers on your walls and breathe new life to your interiors.

Decor Slim Stones offers a huge range of natural stone products, that are perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an accent wall or remodel the exterior façade, our stone veneers are the perfect choice.

Our range of stone veneers give you the best of both worlds – aesthetics and value. Find the perfect stone veneers for all your project needs.

Reasons to Use Natural Stone Veneer

Choosing natural stone veneer offers various benefits to your home Decor projects.

  • Enjoy the beauty of natural stone at pocket-friendly prices
  • Create a seamless look between the interiors and exteriors of your home
  • Easy maintenance and quick installation
  • Wide range of choices – choose veneers for both rustic and contemporary Decor

How to Use Natural Stone Veneers?

Both homeowners and design professionals love our stone veneers as they are affordable, beautiful and add an excellent value to your home. There are endless possibilities to using natural stone veneers:

  • Increases Home Ambience
  • Use the same stone type for different areas in your home to create a seamless and cohesive look.
  • Or use different stone types for various areas in your home to create an interior that reflects your unique personal decorative style.

Make your design dreams come true and elevate your interior Decor to the next well, by including timeless stone veneers in various parts of your home. We have a huge range of natural stone veneers for various purposes:

  • Accent walls
  • Exterior facades
  • Outdoor walls
  • Patios
  • Backyards
  • Verandah
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Shower enclosures
  • Bathroom Decor
  • And much more
2 MM Stone Veneer

Invite the beauty of natural stone in stylish contemporary stone veneers!

Let us know your product requirements and we’ll help you find the best stone accents for your project needs – be it a residential redesign or a commercial development.