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About Decor Slim Stone - Slim Stone Veneer manufacturer India


Perag Bhai founded the Group in 1991 and expanded the company to a large GROUP in the Stone sector employing 4000 strong dedicated work force in his group of companies. Decor Slim Stone has more than 28 years collective experience in Decor Slim Stone Slim stone veneer manufacturing in India, we command a TOP POSITION IN THE WORLD as a Slim stone veneer supplier and manufacturer.

The company ventured into the Production of NATURAL SLIM STONE VENEER (LAMINATE) in 2009 and has expanded in the sector since then as the BIGGEST MANUFACTURER EXPORTER of THIN SLIM STONE VENEER LAMINATE.

The company has gained a very big INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION as a BRAND and LEADER in the THIN SLIM STONE VENEER LAMINATE industry through its dedication, quality control, product range as well as Value addition. Decor Slim Stone is now ready and well planned to remain the market leader in the industry for next many many years to come and will be offering a very high quality product with an increasing value added product range.

With our vast experience in the segment we believe our FLEXIBLE SLIM STONE VENEER is providing the most practical and cost effective product which is easy to handle and very easy to install in any outdoor, indoor and wall application and even in selected Flooring application.

There are several good reasons why you should consider using Decor Slim Stone veneer:


2MM FLEXIBLE SLIM STONE veneer with polyester resin backing is semi flexible and can be used on walls, ceilings, interior designs, furnitures, outdoor areas, Cement plastered flat wall and facades any kind of substrates such as MDF boards, PP honeycombs, doors etc.

1 MM SLIM STONE VENEER with fleece high pressure laminate backing is super flexible and can be used anywhere on furniture, indoor walls, any kind of substrates such as MDF boards, PP honeycombs, doors. This is not suitable for outdoor applications.

3D SELF ADHESIVE WALLING is a remarkable product and very easy to use. You just have to peel off the back and paste the panel on the wall. Using 3D self-adhesive walling provides a three-dimensional quality, creating more attraction and depth to a building.


  • Interiors: Decor Slim Stone Slim stone veneer can add texture and variation to kitchen, bedroom and living room, while decorative Slim stone veneer gives a rustic or natural vibe to bathrooms because of its natural colours.
  • Arches/Doors/Windows: An ordinary arch, door or window can be transformed into a stunning architectural feature just by adding some natural slim stone veneer on them. Using Decor Slim Stone veneer to offset brick window is a growing trend, as is combining different slim stone veneers to give a customized look.
  • Exterior Facades: The NATURAL AURA are being favored by architects, who are incorporating slim veneer into exterior facades as a way to complement the natural scenery around many homes. In some cases, styles the natural stone found in nearby surroundings are used giving the illusion that a piece of the landscape has been incorporated right into the home.
  • Outdoors: Decor Slim Stone slim stone veneer walls can be used in gardens and outdoor yards. Their beautiful aesthetics and extreme durability also make them a perfect option for lining driveways and property borders.
  • Columns/Pillars: The layer of Decor Ultra Flexible Slim stone veneer on the columns/pillars of the house gives an attractive and natural look. It can be wrapped easily because of its light weight.
  • Furniture: As it is available in 1MM ULTRA FLEXIBLE SLIM STONE with fleece backing, it can be used on kitchen cabinets, room cabinets and other home furnitures.


  • Use of : Decor Slim Stone slim stone veneer can save more than 90% of our precious natural resources like Stone, Sand, Cement and gravel resulting in helping to save pollution and environment.
  • It also helps to make the building structure much lighter and economical for high rise construction projects in residential and commercial sector.


The slim stone veneer product line is the most exhilarating novelties of the years gone by. These are light weighted, flexible and ultra-thin consisting of natural stone. Comes in different types - Slate, quartzite and sandstone, worker can work on these with his normal tools.


World Class Quality - MADE IN India

A highly accomplished, experienced team have put in their utmost efforts to keep the quality of slim Stone Veneer to total perfection. We strive to ensure that the esteemed clients across the World gets the best quality product at most Competitive Prices.


Market - SEGMENT

If you like Style, you are surely going to like Decor Slim stones. So much variety to choose from - colours, styles and different backings to apply about any idea. The market segments catered are quite extensive, for Slim Stone Veneer possibilities are limitless!


Inspiring Applications - GET INSPIRED

Applications are endless, it covers

  • Building Industry, Wall-covering Inside/Outside, Flooring
  • Furniture Industry, Cabinet Doors, Table Tops
  • Interior Architecture, Reception Desks, Corporate Walls
  • Ceilings, Vehicles, Ship, Automotive Interior
  • Trade Show Exhibits… there is so much can be done!