Natural Stone VS Stone Veneer Sheets – Which Is Better For Your Home?

Natural stone and stone veneers are two of the greatest ways to add beauty to your home. However, they both have their own distinct features. Natural stone is a variety of rock that is quarried out of the earth. Stone Veneer is a man-made substitute for stone, a thin, flexible sheet of stone that is laid over a mesh frame to recreate a natural stone look.

Natural stone and stone veneer can make your space gorgeous. Slimstone has one of the widest range of natural stone veneer sheets in Gurgaon. Our customers too face the dilemma of choosing between natural stone and stone veneers. They both add style and substance to your home decor. They are both made from natural materials and can last for generations. It is easier to install these materials and they do not require maintenance. They can be used both in interior and exterior applications. Both these options are durable, beautiful, and eco-friendly solutions.

Natural stone has many advantages over stone veneer. The first advantage is the fact that it doesn’t need any maintenance, as it is just a natural material. But it usually takes a long time to cut than a stone veneer. That difference means that a natural stone job can be more expensive than a stone veneer job. There are other differences that are subtle, but important. If you're not sure how to go about it, you may want to consult the below guide to find what suits your home best.

Natural Stone Vs Stone Veneer - Structural Use


Natural stone can be used to build entire structures. And in some cases, it can also be used as a foundation for buildings. You can use stone veneer only for decoration. For example, Simstone, the leading natural stone veneer sheets in Gurgaon has helped hundreds of clients with stone veneers on their walls, doors, windows, floors, and more.

Natural Stone Vs Stone Veneer - Weight


Natural stone is usually heavy. A natural stone slab is usually at least 10 times heavier than a stone veneer. Stone veneers are lighter. And they are easy to cut and install.

Natural Stone Vs Stone Veneer - Size

natural-stone-vs- stone-veneer

Natural stone has a natural shape that is easy to cut, but a stone veneer is not. You may need extra cutting tools to cut a stone veneer into a desired size. Also, natural stone can be cut in any shape, while stone veneers are mainly rectangular. Check out our catalog of a wide range of natural stone veneer sheets in Gurgaon for your home.

Natural Stone Vs Stone Veneer - Design & Style

The natural stone is unique in its own right. It adds an elegance and sophistication to your home decor. With stone veneer, you can recreate the exact look of the natural stone. Stone Veneer however can be repetitive as it is just a veneer. For example, a stone veneer that is repeated along a surface is just like wallpaper. There are thousands of similar patterns you can choose from.

Natural Stone Vs Stone Veneer - Durability

Natural stone can withstand the elements. Unlike stone veneers, natural stone is not porous. Natural stone is a stone, which is naturally formed with inclusions of air and water. These inclusions hold up the stone and make it more resistant to elements. Stone veneer is made from man-made materials. It can be damaged by the elements. It can crack and even be destroyed by moisture. It can damage your furniture, walls, and floors. Find the most durable natural stone veneer sheets in Gurgaon from Slimstone for your home designing.

Natural Stone Vs Stone Veneer - Installation

Natural stone is hard to cut and install. Cutting a stone slab is a time consuming job. It needs cutting tools and many skills to achieve the desired look. The stone needs to be cut to a specific size. Unlike natural stone, stone veneer does not require skilled labor. Instead, you can just put stone veneer sheets on top of the surface. It is a simple process. There is no need to carve the material into a desired shape before installing it. You can use either professional or DIY installation. Professional installation is usually for larger projects. Also, it is quite an expensive option.

To Summarize

Natural stone has many advantages over stone veneer. But it usually takes a long time to cut than a stone veneer. If you have to choose between the two, go with stone veneers. It is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your home. It brings you more versatility than a natural stone. It can be used to decorate your entire house. Stone Veneer gives a more modern and elegant look, but it is lighter and easier to install than natural stone.

Slimstone provides the best quality natural stone veneer sheets in Gurgaon. We are able to supply you with the best materials, best quality, and the best price. Slimstone provides a wide range of natural stone veneers to enhance the beauty of your home and to protect the walls, and other surfaces. Call us today or drop us an email to talk to our design team and we will be happy to discuss your project in detail.