Nothing can beat the elegance and timelessness of a room that has stone walls and decor. However, natural stones are not only expensive but also require high maintenance. This is where “Decor Stone Slim Veneer comes in.

What is Decor Slim Stone Veneer?

It’s an innovative material that is making waves in the construction industry during recent times. It’s considered a great alternative to natural stone and paint. It has the look and feel of natural stone but is available at a fraction of the price.

Physical Characteristics of Decor Slim Stone Veneer

They are lightweight, flexible and thin sheets made of natural stones like Slate, Quartzite or Sandstone. Each sheet has three layers of backing. They are:

  • Polyester resin, fibre glass backing of 2mm
  • A laminate fleece backing that withstands high pressure of 0.6mm – 1.2mm

When installed, the Decor Slim Stone veneers look just like natural stones and are extremely attractive.

Wondering if thin stone slim veneer laminates are right for your space? Check out these top ten benefits.

Reasons why you should choose Decor Slim Stone Veneers:


When you think of natural stone decors, the first feature that pops into your mind is that they are heavy. On the contrary, Decor Slim Stone veneer laminates are lightweight and are highly easier to work with. This makes them a great fit for all spaces irrespective of the physical space constraints.

Additionally, since they are lightweight, they are a perfect fit for high-rise construction projects in both residential and commercial sectors.


As Decor Slim Stone veneers are actually made from real stone, they are extremely durable just like natural stone. They are moisture resistant, UV resistant and are suitable for all weather conditions. However, depending on the stone used, each thin stone slim veneer has different physical properties and features.

Extremely Hard

Just like natural stones they are tough and do not chip easily. Once you install them, you need not worry about replacing them in the future.

Colour Steadfastness

Your Decor Slim Stone veneer won’t discolour or fade over time. This ensures that your interiors look brand new forever. Additionally, any surface chipping or scratching will reveal only similar rock beneath it. This ensures that scratches and chip are not visible.

Plenty of Choices

Interior decorators and property owners love Decor Slim Stone veneers for this reason. With so many textures, colours and finishes, you can choose the perfect design that matches your interiors.


One significant disadvantage of using natural stones is that it isn’t easy to apply them. They require additional support to fix them to walls. On the contrary, Decor Slim Stone veneers are easy to use and work well for both interior and exterior applications. They can be fixed to all types of walls and do not require a footing or support ledge.

This makes them a perfect fit for remodelling projects. You can fix it quickly without making any major modifications.

Highly Customisable

Need a thicker slab or a custom cut? No worries, you can get it done easily to suit your specific requirements.

Timeless and Classic

Decor Slim Stone veneers are made of natural stone and reflect the timeless beauty and appeal of natural stones.


This is one of the biggest advantages of Decor Slim Stone veneers. It gives you the superior look and finish of natural stone for a fraction of the price. Not only can you see a big reduction in the initial cost but also you can enjoy huge savings in shipping, application time and so on.

Minimal Maintenance

Decor Slim Stone veneers are zero maintenance. No more spending on expensive cleaning products. All you need is a sponge and soapy water, and you can easily remove any stains. If you have used any sealants, you may have to reseal it periodically, but that’s it. No other complicated maintenance required. Your walls will look new forever.


Decor Slim Stone veneers are environmentally friendly. Natural stone when it’s cut leaves behind plenty of dust and residue, which is used in making thin stone slim veneers. They help in recycling and reusing these natural resources which otherwise will end up in landfills.

The Bottom Line

Decor Slim Stone Veneers offer a broad range of impressive benefits. They are used in a wide array of applications like feature walls, accent walls, kitchen cabinets, furniture, interiors of ships, aircraft, yachts, and plenty of other spaces.

Are you ready to add glamour to your interiors with Decor Slim Stone veneers?

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