In today’s era of mass production, the beauty and pride of something that is well-made and lasts for years have been lost, somewhere along the way. This is where – Décor Slim Stone Veneers stands apart. We strongly believe in superior manufacturing practices that are reflected in the quality of our products, the durability and our lifetime warranty.

Why Décor Slim Stone Veneer is focussed on Durability and Quality?

Here at Décor Slim Stone Veneers, we firmly believe that “Our products shouldn’t just look good, but also last longer.”

There are plenty of reasons why we are committed to ensuring that our products of the highest quality. First and foremost, we are customer oriented. We respect and honour the trust you place in us by choosing our products. Our eye for detail is unwavering, and we continuously strive to improve the design and standards of our thin stone veneer range.

We are a family owned business, and we go the extra mile to deliver our customers with products that are unmatched in quality, style, variety, and beauty.

Durability is a Measure of our Success

We know that our customers look for thin stone veneers that are beautiful. But, we also understand that they are looking for products that last for years to come. We product stone veneer products of the highest international standards.

This is why, we offer a Guarantee of Strength on all our products, as long as they are installed in accordance with our installation guidelines.

The Lifetime Guarantee

We are proud to announce that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our entire range of flexible, thin stone veneers. Our products don’t just add elegance to your buildings. They also last for years to come, with maintenance-free performance.

We are most concerned about the complete satisfaction of our clients. This is why we guarantee – the performance, aesthetic and structural integrity of our products for life.

However, bear in mind, that our warranty doesn’t cover elements that we have no control over like substrate wall quality, building settlement, contact with contaminants, air-borne chemicals, usage of harsh chemical cleaners and other elements that are beyond our control.

We are CE Approved

Our standard slim stone veneer laminate products have passed and received the CE certification. The CE marking is one of the most stringent product certification marking in the world. The CE mark indicates that our stone veneer laminates conform to the safety, health and environmental protection standards required by products sold in the EEA (European Economic Area).

Essentially, this means our flexible, thin stone veneer products are recognised by European countries as an excellent choice for use in residential and commercial buildings. Also, our products are fire-tested and have the Fire Rating EN 13501-1:07+AI: 2010.

Décor Slim Stone Veneers – The Smart Choice

With so many brands of stone veneers flooding the market, it’s indeed difficult choosing the right one. Here, at Décor Slim Stone Veneers, we believe that our products do the talking for us. The high-quality of our products, the extensive support offered by our team, our lifetime guarantee – are some of the reasons why our customers repeatedly choose Décor Slim Stone Veneers over others.

Get in touch with us to know more about the warranty offered by our slim stone veneer range and to get a free product estimate for your next renovation project. We are the best quality stone veneer manufacturers in India.