As the leading veneer manufacturers in India, we have written extensively about stone veneers – their types, finishes, what are they made of, how to use them and more. When going through our blog, we realised that we had missed writing on one key topic, i.e. choosing the right finish for stone veneers. Very often, our customers ask us which is the best finish for stone veneers. In this post, we will go through each of the different stone veneer finishes – their pros and cons, where it should be used and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic.

Natural stone veneers are available in a wide variety of finishes. It is important that you choose the right finish that suits the intended usage and design element. The most popular stone veneer finishes include:

1. Natural finish

As the name implies, this is the most basic finish aka no finish. In this type of veneer, the stones are not provided any additional treatment. The stone is extracted from the quarry and cut into the desired size and shape without any extra treatment. The final look depends on the natural features of the stone and how it is mined. It is perfect for cobblestones and cladding.

  • Natural and rustic matte finish
  • Each stone has a unique pattern and texture
  • Slightly uneven due to the natural variations in the stone
  • Little to no smoothness
  • Anti-slip and anti-skid
  • Ideal for wet areas like garden paths, swimming pool surrounds, and other outdoor areas
  • Cheaper than other finishes

2. Polished finish

In this finish, the stones are polished repeatedly to get a smooth surface. The final surface is shiny with zero porosity. Polished finish gives a glossy and shiny appearance highlighting the colour and properties of natural stone. It’s most commonly used for kitchen countertops, bench tops, interior walls, etc. It is not recommended for wet and outdoor usage as it is slippery.

  • Glossy, shiny and smooth finish
  • Best suited for decorative elements like countertops, walls, etc.
  • Not all stones can be polished

3. Aged finish

In this finish, the surface of the stone is repeatedly hammered and cut with constant vibration to resemble aging. Aged finish gives a soft and smooth surface to the stone.

4. Tumbled finish

This finish is similar to the aged finish but there is a significant difference. To achieve a tumbled finish, the stone is placed in a vibrating drum-like roller that wear the surface of the stone completely. Tumbled finish gives an antique finish that generates soft edges and surfaces.

5. Bush hammered finish

This finish is created by hitting the stone repeatedly using mechanical or manual means. The tool used to achieve this finish is called a bush hammer. It creates craters of different sizes distributed uniformly around the stone’s surface. The bush hammered finish creates a non-slip texture, making the stone perfect for external usage.

6. Sandblasted finish

The sandblasted finish is similar to the bush hammered finish. The only difference is that the craters are smaller in size, helping to highlight the colour of the stone. This finish is achieved by blasting silica against the stone using an air gun.

7. Mushroom finish

This is a laborious finish that is achieved manually. It involves chipping the stone’s surface using traditional masonry tools using controlled blows. The mushroom finish gives the stone a rustic appearance with beautiful irregularities.

8. Leather finish

This is a buttery soft smooth and warm finish that is super soft to touch. This finish is achieved by painstakingly polishing the stone veneer using a variety of brushes. Only few stones like granite can get this finish.

9. Flamed finish

This finish is achieved by exposing the stone veneer to a high temperature flame. The flame generates a rough protective coating on the stone making it suitable for exterior installation.

10. Sawn finish

This finish is created by sawing the surface of the stone using diamond disc teeth. It is a rough and irregular surface finish with undulations and small furrows. The sawn finish gives the stone a matte texture making it suitable for steps, paving, driveways, patios, pathways and external paths.

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