Now a days most of our visiting customers have this question that why they should use Decor Slim Stone Veneer as compared to traditional solid stone systems. In last few years, Decor Slim Stone Veneer has become the luxury choice of various segments of customers and there are some definite benefits compared to traditional solid stone systems which has facilitated it become a de-facto choice. Reasons vary from being lighter yet stronger is the main point, apart from it they are resistant to water. Decor Slim Stone are just one-fifth the weight of dimensional stone which is giving several tangential advantages like installation time reduction and labour and structural requirements goes down. These traits place Decor Slim Stone Veneer at the vanguard as a building material of excellence. If we check it more in detail, we realise advantages are multifield which we have shared for the benefit of everyone.

Stone is being used as a construction material from thousands of years now. Ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids using big stone boulders and we also see Romans built their Empire using it, Stone has been used as a construction material from far too long hence there must be very good reasons why there is a shift in priority now and Decor Slim Stone is used instead of traditional methods.


As a matter of fact, traditional methods of building with load-bearing stone blocks is huge for most modern buildings. To get the look and feel of natural stone, our new 2mm/ 1mm/ 0.6mm thick no load-bearing stone slim veneers can be used which brings the look of stone and that too for a tremendously reasonable price.


Icing on the cake is slim Stone are sturdier, more flexible and more steady than traditional solid stone. Decor Slim Stone allows natural stone to turn into decorative veneer, making requirement on stone for load-bearing purposes insignificant.


As we shared earlier, Decor Slim Stone Veneers are very flexible and can change with structures making them priceless especially in regions susceptible to hurricanes or earthquakes. Dimensional stone cladding is inelastic and has low flexural and carries less impact strength. It is important to share with you that Decor Slim Stone eases the concern with traditional solid stone that the stone can bend from cutting and temperature fluctuations which is not the case with Decor Slim Stone.


Decor Slim Stone does not exert telling force on their strengthening materials. It has a great result, these lightweight stone systems are not experiencing the solidity failures that dimensional stone layer systems do.

Bond Strength

You will be amazed to know the fact that the bonding strength for our stone slim veneer progresses with time!!!! You read it right. It is because of the curing of the epoxy resin. There is so much safety in the tie strength of Decor Slim Stone that builders first and perhaps only concern for system fiasco lies with the stone itself. This golden bullet gives more credibility to the fact that Decor Slim Stone is the most preferred choice.


In addition, Decor Slim Stone Veneer has far improved attachment systems. Dimensional stone systems have kerfs cut into their edges and this property leave slight room to set anchors. The attachment system reveals the weakest properties of the stone, whereas the full-surface bond coverage of a Decor Slim Stone eases attachment worries that come with traditional systems.


Decor Slim Stone Veneer create a weatherproof fence that is missing with a permeable stone cladding system.

Price & Colour effective

Decor Slim Stone scores well in both cost and colour if its compared to solid stone cladding. Decor Slim Stone is quite lightweight and it can be both cut and maneuverer to create a unified look much more easily than dimensional stone. It’s almost 80% lesser in weight, Decor Slim Stone can save builders 20% to 50% in installation costs which can be a huge money saving.

Decor Slim Stone is a reputed brand offering products for several different segments of customer across the globe. For stone slim veneer supplier in India, you can contact us at We are looking forward to serve you in the next project you are envisaging.