Ok, you have decided the perfect slim stone veneer counters for your bathroom. You are all set for a bathroom renovation. Wait, there’s still one major element that has to be decided! Wondering what? Yep, we are referring to the bathroom sinks.

Worry not, here in this post, we show you how to choose the right wash basin that is a perfect match to your gorgeous
natural, thin stone veneers

  • It’s all about the Location

Where will the wash basin go and who will be using it? Is it for the master bathroom, the kids’ bathroom or the guest bathroom? While choosing bathroom sinks, you have to consider both the usage and traffic.

For instance, a bathroom attached to the master bedroom requires a large sink that can be used by two people. On the other hand, a sink in your kid’s bathroom need not be huge but must be strong enough to withstand the rough handling by your kid. A stylish, delicate basin doesn’t work here. You need something that is wide and deep enough to keep spills and splashing to a minimum.

  • Don’t forget the Size

Before you start looking at wash basin styles for your bathroom, you have to find a few other factors like – the available space in your bathroom for the sink, the storage and counter space below and on either side of it. Keep the size of the basin in tune with the rest of the bathroom fixtures and fittings.

  • Style Matters

A stylish wash basin along with trendy stone veneer counters can set the entire tone of the bathroom. Today, you have plenty of choices when it comes to wash basin models. Above counter vessels, wall-mounted, drop-ins, semi-recessed, stand-alone pedestals, all-in-one basins, sunken basins and more.

From the regular oval, round and square to unusual shapes like a leaf, pebble, pointed, scooped, scalloped, trough, cubed and Zen, wash basins are available in plenty of shapes. Coming to the wash basin materials, you have various choices like glass, ceramic, copper, natural stone, brass, and even concrete and chrome. Remember that any wash basin you choose must be aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional.

Here are Other Tips to help you out

Bathroom Countertop

  • If you want a coloured basin, make sure to consider the colours of other elements in the bathroom like the stone countertops. Will the colours clash or match? Do you want the base of the countertop to blend in with the colour of the stone counter or do you want it to be contrasting?
  • First, choose the colour and material of the counter, then the wash basin followed by the taps. This way, you can ensure that all of these fit the style you have chosen for the bathroom.
  • Don’t choose big taps for small washbasins and vice versa. If you use, over-the-counter freestanding basins, then you’ll have to fix the taps on the walls behind the basin.
  • If your bathroom is on the smaller side, a wall mounted basin may be the right choice. Even when you have a wall mounted basin, you can add thin stone counters by providing a supporting concrete layer.
  • Consider all the costs – including plumbing and installation, before you choose the right wash basin style for your bathroom.

Hope this clears all your queries on finding the perfect wash basin that suits your natural thin stone veneer counters. For any further queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team of sales representatives, who can help you find the perfect Décor Slim stone veneers for your bathroom countertop. Get leading thin stone veneers exporters in India.