Thanks to Décor Slim Stone Veneers, it’s Super Easy & Affordable to Dress up a Room or the Entire House.

Mother Nature has been gifting mankind with granite, marble, slate, sandstone and other rocks for millions of years. And, man has been using these rocks to create buildings and monuments since the time of the Coliseums.

However, unless you are an emperor or a business tycoon, adding these geologic wonders to your home has always been a major challenge. Just a few years ago, trucking a ton of natural stone to your home would have cost a fortune. And, installing natural stone was and is a labour intensive process.

With that said, today all that has changed thanks to affordable and innovative décor slim stone slim veneers. Today, advancements in technology have made it possible to slice natural stone into super-thin slices that are light enough to be transported anywhere.

The best part décor stone slim veneers look just like natural stone. Today, stone slim veneers are made by seamlessly blending pigments in moulds that are produced from real stone slabs. The final product is infused with vibrant colours that run throughout the stone.

As a result, today décor stone slim veneers are sweeping the world of interior design. They are used in all rooms in a wide range of innovative styles. You can spot décor stone slim veneers popping up everywhere. Outdoor facades, backyard patios, kitchens, bathrooms, cozy living rooms, stylish dining rooms – décor stone slim veneers are found everywhere.

Here, in this week’s post, you can find the top 5 reasons why Décor stone slim veneer is a Perfect Fit for your Home:


If you’re wondering where you can use Décor stone slim veneers, then the answer is – everywhere. Yep, the versatility of Décor slim stone veneers allows you to install it in both the interiors and exteriors of your home.

The inherent colour variations of natural stone are highly design-friendly. You can use it to add elegance to your rooms by opting for bold colours or tone down the space by pairing décor stone slim veneers with neutral shades.


One of the biggest benefits of natural stone is that it’s highly durable. This is why you see several historical monuments and temples made from natural stone standing tall even today.

Natural stone is rock hard and doesn’t scratch, break or chip away easily. Since décor stone slim veneers are made from natural stone; they have the same properties of it.

The colours of your Décor stone slim veneers are dispersed throughout the material, and it’s highly fade-resistant.


Décor stone slim veneers are ultra-thin and are highly flexible. Unlike natural stone slabs that are bulky and heavy, thin stone slim veneers have a size of just 1 to 2mm. This makes them easy to apply to columns, pillars and more.


This is one of the huge benefits of using décor stone slim veneers. Unlike natural stone slabs that cost a ton, décor stone slim veneers are super affordable. They cost just a fraction of natural stone tiles. With low prices, you can easily use them for covering huge accent walls or entire rooms based on your preferences.

Minimal Maintenance

Décor stone slim veneers aren’t just easy to install but don’t require much maintenance. Since they are made from natural stones; they are spill and stain resistant. All you need is just regular soap and water, and they look good as new forever.

Wrapping it up

If you love the aesthetical beauty of stone but could do without the sky-high costs and tedious maintenance of natural stone, then décor stone slim veneers are the way to go. Get in touch with us, to place your orders and for any other design help.