One of the latest trends in home design is large, luxurious bathrooms. Open any home décor magazine or site, and you are sure to come across gorgeous pictures of luxurious master bathrooms. With more and more homeowners opting for opulent bathrooms, here at Décor Slim stone, we find that our range of thin stone veneers is being used in bathrooms more often.

One of the biggest questions, we get around here is,

Can Thin Stone Veneers be used in Bathrooms?

We can understand the hesitancy behind this question. After all, our flexible thin stone veneer panels are created and installed by dry stacking walls. The stone veneer slabs are neatly cut and arranged on walls. However, it doesn’t create a watertight seal that keeps moisture out. So, it’s valid that they ask us this question.

Another reason, why people are hesitant to use thin stone veneers in bathrooms is that it’s made of natural stone. And, as you would be aware, natural stone is a porous material and does it keep water out?

Will using stone veneer in bathrooms lead to moisture problems in the bathroom and other surrounding areas? Will it cause the growth of mildew and mold?

Worry not, here in this post, we address all these questions and show you the best way to install thin stone veneers in bathrooms.

How to Install Thin Stone Veneers in Your Shower?

The solution consists of multiple steps. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Step 1: Substrate Preparation

The best way to avoid moisture problems with thin stone veneers in a shower is by using the right substrate. Start with an
anti-microbial tiling board or cement board. This helps to cover the framing and is perfect for vertical tile installations like a shower.

Step 2: Apply a Waterproof Membrane

The next step involves a waterproof membrane that keeps moisture out. It can either be a sheet membrane that is stuck over the framing or a fluid membrane that is applied like thick paint. This membrane ensures that water doesn’t pass from the stone veneers to the wall cavity. Make sure that the waterproof membrane overlaps the shower pan, so that excess moisture flows away from the walls due to gravity.

Step 3: Use an Anti-microbial Thinset

Generally, thin stone veneers are applied to the substrate using a polymer thinset. However, since this application involves moisture, use an anti-microbial thinset to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

Step 4: Apply a Natural Stone Sealer

Once you have installed the thin stone veneers, the next step is to apply a natural stone sealer. Contrary to popular understanding, sealers don’t create a barrier layer preventing water from entering the stone surface. On the other hand, the main purpose of a sealer is to treat the natural stone surface and prevent stains from forming on it. Make sure to reseal the thin stone veneer periodically, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

That’s it. You have completed the installation of thin stone veneers in bathroom. One final tip to ensure that your stone veneer showers remain good as new is to always use the exhaust fan in your bathroom, both during and after the shower. This is a simple but effective way to remove the moist air from the bathroom, thereby inhibiting mildew and mold growth.

Thin Stone Veneers – The Perfect Statement Accessory for Your Master Bathroom

There’s no denying that adding thin stone veneers to your bathroom is a great way to enhance the aesthetical appeal of the space. However, remember that while thin stone veneer is a relatively fuss-free material, using it in your bathroom requires a bit of extra care and maintenance.

From remembering to run the exhaust fan regularly, to periodic sealing and regular cleaning – you’ll have to take care of your stone showers, to ensure that they stay good as new forever.

If you still have any questions about using thin stone veneers in your shower or any other queries, you can shoot them to our team at or give us a ring at +91 82856 44444. Our stone care experts are ready to help you and will provide you with required assistance on finding the right stone veneers for your project.