The Best Expert Advice to Create beautiful spaces, without Blowing your Budget

It’s no surprise that renovating your home is a costly affair. Even the tiniest renovations could cost you tens of thousands of rupees. But, don’t let that huge figure stop you. There’s no need to empty your life’s savings on an extreme makeover for your home.

You can create a gorgeous space even on an ultra-tight budget. All you need are some smart tips and tricks up your sleeves. Here, at Decor stone slim veneer, we’ve gathered up some of the best money-saving hacks to help you cut down on your renovation expenses.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1: Split your Renovation

Ok, this isn’t a direct way to cut down costs, but it’ll help you gain a better control over your finances. Instead, of doing it all at the same time – figure out your priorities. Draw up a list of renovations you have planned for your home and then sort it according to priority. Then, the next important step is to split it into different phases.

For instance, if your kitchen and bathroom is in need of a major makeover, then don’t touch the bedrooms during the first phase of renovation. Once you have completed the essentials, you can focus on adding to the aesthetics of the place.

This way, you get time to save up for each phase, thereby helping you feel in control of your finances.

Tip #2: Opt for Decor Stone slim Veneers

One of the biggest expenses of any home renovation is the wall tiles. Instead, of opting for natural stone that’s enormously expensive or cheap synthetic materials that don’t add any value to your property, opt for Decor Stone slim Veneers.

Available at a fraction of the cost of natural stone, Decor stone slim veneers add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. What more, they are easy to install and simple to maintain, thereby keeping your overall costs down, both during and after the renovation.

Add to the beauty of your home with Decor stone slim veneers.

Tip #3: Avoid Angular, Circular or Odd-Shaped Carpentry

This may feel like an odd suggestion. However, hear us out. There’s no doubt that specialized carpentry in unique shapes add to the appearance of your home. With that said, odd-shaped carpentry also takes a toll on your wallet.

Customized carpentry designs require expert artistry and cost plenty more. For a more-pocket friendly carpentry works, opt for straight designs that are easy to make and cut down on the overall carpentry costs.

Also, try to avoid carpentry work on your ceiling like faux wooden exposed beams and so on. Though these designs may feel simple, they add significantly to the overall budget.

Tip #4: Choose a Scandinavian-style Interior

Not sure, what type of interior design to go for your renovated home? Why not choose the always-popular and highly affordable Scandinavian interior themes? Wonder why Scandinavian is one of the most sought-after interior styles, when compared to other popular interior themes?

Here are three big advantages of Scandinavian – One, Clean, simple lines, that reduce labour costs as well maintenance expenditures. Two – Furnishings and Decor are simple and clutter-free. Three – A wide array of affordable Scandinavian styled furniture, think IKEA style cupboards, closets, sofas and more.

Tip #5: Focus on the Accent Wall

The simplest way to add an interesting twist to a room is by opting for a feature wall. It’s a cost-effective solution that makes a room feel like new.

And, coming to the accent wall, most people decide to paint it in a different colour and call it a day. While this approach is straightforward, there are plenty of drawbacks to it. Painting accent walls require heavy investments and don’t score well, especially in the aesthetics department.

Instead, of painting accent walls consider lining them with Decor stone slim veneers. No fuss, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket – these are some of the advantages of using Decor stone slim veneers for your accent walls.

Tip #6: Make the Best Use of Natural Lighting

Very often, homeowners tend to go overboard with lighting. This not only adds a substantial sum during renovation but the electricity bills later on, could end up gnawing a huge hole in your monthly budget. One of the biggest trends right now is to add cove or recessed lighting. This requires expert workmanship thereby adding to the overall costs.

So, instead of focussing on artificial lighting, make the best use of natural light. Consider ways to let in natural light and open up the space for a bright and airy look.

Here are a few tips to increase natural lighting:

  • Opt for lighter wall colours like creams or whites to create an illusion of brightness
  • Use mirrors and glass panels to let in natural light and reflect it for the most impact

Tip #7: Finally, come up with Creative Ways to make the most of your Old Materials

Try to repurpose your old materials and give them a new life. For instance, if you are repairing your roof, then consider using the old roof tiles as paving stones in the garden. Reuse old bricks for new walls, shelves and more. Old timber windows can be painted and reused as a unique Decor item.

Final Thoughts

With a bit of Creativity & the Right Choices, you can Renovate your Home, without Blowing your Budget. And, remember that using materials like Decor stone slim veneers not only adds to the final look of your home, but also helps in keeping down costs.

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