Ok, so you have decided to adorn your walls with Decor stone slim veneers. The next step is crucial – deciding on the right supplier. How do you choose the right product?

Ultimately, the answer to the above question depends on the thin stone slim veneer dealer you choose. You can directly approach any wholesale supplier on the market and ask them to ship the thin stone slim veneer consignment to you.

But, then this isn’t the right approach. Here, in today’s post, we list you the benefits of working with authorized thin stone slim veneer dealers like Decor stone slim veneers.

  • You gain the benefits of Experience

As natural stone slim veneer suppliers in India for nearly a decade, we have tons of experience working with clients across the industry. From small, compact, studio apartments to multi-storey bungalows and commercial complexes, we are proud to state that our Decor stone slim veneers adorn properties across the country and of all sizes.

When you work with us, we know what you’re looking for. This helps us to provide you the right material within your budget.

  • Add-on Products

We love our Decor stone slim veneers. But, we don’t stop with that. Instead, we provide you with all additional products that you need for the successful completion of your project. We serve as the one-stop shop for all your stone slim veneer requirements.

  • Exemplary Customer Service

We believe that our customer service is what distinguishes us from several run-of-the-mill stone slim veneer suppliers in the country. Right from helping you choose the right product that matches your specific requirements to provide you with the accurate quotation for the amount of materials required, we handle it all.

Remember that our stone care experts are just a call away (+91-98717-32020/+91-124-4320214) or an email away (dior@decorslimstone.com) . You can send us your queries at any time, and our customer service agents travel the extra mile to provide you with all that you need.

  • Long-lasting Working Relationships

We believe that our job doesn’t end with supplying the product. Instead, we keep in touch with our customers to provide them with any service they require long after the project is over. Whether you’re looking for the right sealants for your accent walls or need to extend a completed project, we handle it all for you.

  • Pan-India Presence

Though our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Ajmer, Rajasthan, we have an extensive network of distributors across the country. When you place an order with us, we work with expert, local teams in your area, to ensure that your project needs are met immediately.

The Last Word

There’s no denying the benefits of adding Decor stone slim veneers to your renovation project. Aesthetics, long-lasting durability, cost-effective and above all, outstanding customer service – these are our top promises to you.

Make sure to choose us for your thin stone slim veneer project and enjoy unmatched services and high-quality products, all within your budget.