Create Unique Interiors with Decor Stone Slim Veneers

Nothing matches the beauty of natural stone in adding vibrance, colour, texture, depth, and interest to your rooms. For centuries, stone has occupied an important place in millions of homes.

Natural stone is one of the most preferred building materials not just for its functionality, versatility, and durability but also for its timeless elegance and sophisticated beauty.

Today, thanks to innovative and pocket-friendly building materials like Decor Slim stone veneers, you can incorporate natural stone into your interior design in endless ways. Accent walls lined with decor stone slim veneers are a great way to add a style statement to your room.

Here, in this week’s post, we give seven creative ways to include Decor stone slim veneer accent walls in your home.

1. TV Backdrop

In modern contemporary homes, flat screen television occupies the focal point of the living room. You can instantly transform and uplift the appearance of your room by adding an accent wall behind the TV. When you leave the wall behind the television blank, it’s like you’re underutilizing the room’s potential.

By making this wall, an accent wall you add depth and an element of interest to the room. A stone accent wall lined with decor stone slim veneers gives a polished look to the entire room and brings the entire theme together.

2. Wine Cellar

Wine cellars occupy a position of pride in the home. They are a result of years of collection and passion. What better way to show off your crown jewel than by having an accent wall in it?

By adding a stacked stone accent wall to the cellar, you create a rustic feel to the space. It lends an air of mystery, charm, and romanticism to this corner.

3. Contemporary Bathroom

Gone are the days, when bathrooms were considered as mere functional spaces. Today, bathrooms have undergone a trendy makeover and have grown bigger. It’s not just functionality, but today’s interior designers also focus on aesthetics and appearance.

Ultra-thin stone veneers are the perfect fit for modern, sleek bathrooms. You can use decor stone slim veneers either as an accent wall or for the shower walls of the bathroom. The texture and sparkle of natural stone lend an aura of relaxation to the space.

4. Wrapped Wall

Do you have a large wall that acts as a divider between two rooms? Say, a wall demarcating the dining area from the kitchen?

You can consider wrapping this entire wall with decor stone slim veneers to create a dynamic space. You can even add shelves for extra storage.

An accent wall adds contrast to the room, thereby brightening an otherwise ordinary looking wall.

5. Lit Walls

One of the biggest advantages of decor stone slim veneers is that though they are made of natural stone, they are highly versatile and flexible. Meaning, it’s quite easy to add wiring and lighting, just like you would do on a painted or wall-papered wall.

Add some dramatic lighting to your accent wall, to provide additional lighting as well as improve the aesthetics of the room.

6. Dual-Textured Walls

While using Decor stone slim veneers, there’s no restriction on the number of different materials you can use. Browse through our extensive product gallery and choose any number of styles that you prefer. You can mix and match different products to create a unique, multi-textured space that reflects your personality.

7. Multiple Accents

Don’t have a single unbroken wall that acts as the centerpiece? Worry not! You can use Decor stone slim veneers at various places in your home to create multiple focal points.

This not only adds an element of interest to the room but also unifies the theme, by creating a cohesive design.

Dress up your Home with Natural Stone Accent Walls

Decor stone slim veneer accent walls don’t just add texture to the room. They also add warmth, dimension and help to glam up boring interior design. An accent wall is the best way to create an impact in your room, without spending a fortune. And, for decorating the accent wall, nothing works better than decor stone slim veneers.

Get in touch with us for further help on choosing the right materials for your accent walls.