Decor Slimstone is the leading flexible stone veneer suppliers in India . Flexible stone veneers are a revolutionary building material. They are made from 100% natural stone quarried from across the world. Paper thin, stone veneers give you the luxurious beauty of natural stone with added benefits like flexibility.

As the best stone veneer suppliers in India, Decor Slimstone specializes in crafting natural stone slabs into ultra-thin, flexible stone veneers. These veneers are backed with flexible fiberglass or cotton, enhancing their stability and durability. Despite their ultra-lightweight nature, our flexible stone veneers are robust and perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, both residential and commercial.

Besides being durable and versatile, flexible stone veneer sheets are exquisite and luxurious. They bring the intrinsic beauty of natural stone to your interiors without the exorbitant price tags. They can be used as floor covering, accent wall, decor, etc.

With these benefits, it’s no wonder flexible stone veneers are gaining popularity as the go-to interior furnishing material. Still need more convincing? Check out the top reasons to use flexible stone veneers from Decor Slimstone for your home.

#01: Flexibility & Versatility

The thinness of flexible stone veneers makes it an extremely versatile product. Unlike natural stone, it can be bent, wrapped and installed even on curved surfaces. The lightness and flexibility of stone veneers mean you can handle the material like fabric.

Additionally, the thinness of the material makes it super easy to install. It can be installed like wallpapers without the extensive labour associated with natural stone.

Recognized as the premier stone veneer suppliers in India, Decor Slimstone offers flexible stone veneers that are suitable for a multitude of uses, both inside and outside. These veneers are perfect for applications such as wall cladding, paneling, flooring in bathrooms, backsplashes in kitchens, and even as countertops. They also serve as an excellent option for creative lighting solutions, providing an attractive backdrop for both recessed and indirect lighting. With a diverse range of colors, patterns, and textures available, our flexible stone veneers are designed to complement any interior design style.

#02: Wide Variety

Can you believe that each sheet of flexible natural stone is unique? Since, flexible stone veneers are made using natural stone – the patterns, hues and textures are natural and unique. There are no man-made or synthetic additions.

Can you believe that each sheet of flexible natural stone is unique? Since, flexible stone veneers are made using natural stone – the patterns, hues and textures are natural and unique. There are no man-made or synthetic additions.

At Decor Slimstone, the best flexible stone suppliers in India , we source our natural stone slabs from world-famous quarries all across the planet. Our slabs are sourced naturally for regions like Europe, Asia and Africa famous for their natural stone supplies.

Did you know that Decor Slimstone has dozens of flexible stone veneers sheets in a variety of materials, colours and textures? Whatever be your design style, you can find the right veneer sheet to meet your needs.

#03: Durable & Robust

Natural stone is known for its incredible strength and long-lasting durability. So, the big question now is – will natural stone retain its durability when its thickness is reduced? You don’t have to wonder anymore!

Flexible stone veneer sheets are significantly stronger than regular tiles on the market. Made with patented technology, thin stone sheets are combined with a layer of fiberglass or polyester resin. The thin layer of stone combined with the fiberglass backing gives stone veneers flexibility and lightness without compromising on the durability and strength.

The fiberglass backing makes the sheets flame-resistant as well, making stone veneers a robust furnishing solution for all applications. Inside or outside, wet or dry, flexible stone veneer sheets easily last for decades.

#04: Exquisite Looks

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful materials on the planet. The natural colours, textures and patterns of natural stone make it unique and timeless. These aesthetic properties also extend to flexible stone veneer sheets.

Flexible stone veneer sheets help you enjoy the natural beauty of real stone without the exorbitant price tags. Also, the natural beauty of stone cannot be rivalled by any man-made material. If you’re looking to add a regal and sophisticated look to your home, then decor slimstones are the perfect choice.

#05: Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Flexible natural stone veneers are made from 100% natural stone. Thus, they are eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to care and maintain.

Another advantage of flexible stone veneer sheets is in the way it is manufactured. Since, it’s made from very thin layers of natural stone, we get maximum use from natural stone. This helps in minimising depletion of precious natural resources.

Also, natural stone facades are more energy-efficient compared to other materials. Natural stone retains heat for a long time. Hence, your buildings remain warm in winter and cool in summer. It can help in reducing your AC bills.

Additionally, since flexible stone veneer sheets are manufactured without any synthetic materials, they are perfect for indoor usage. You can use it anywhere in your home – bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. You don't have to worry about harmful gas emissions and the presence of other chemicals.

Decor Slimstone is a brand that you can trust. We offer high-quality stone veneer sheets, ideal for both residential and commercial usage. Get in touch with our team to find the latest prices and product availability.

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