If you are planning to renovate your home interiors and looking for some easy economical solutions with low maintenance with world class look you must include Stone Slim Veneer in your program while getting the renovation done. It looks glamorous in the room on the feature walls and the backsplash. It can completely transform the get up in your room.

Sounds a great plan? You must read on how you can create a feature wall in 2 steps.

#1 Feature wall selection

To pick feature wall in the room is quite a tricky part. Since the wall holds the maximum attention, while choosing it few things need due consideration like what sort of furniture forms the room, what is the type of flooring, from which direction people enter in the room and off-course most importantly purpose of the room i.e. is it a kids room or study or living room etc.

Assuming room has some distinguished feature, purpose of the wall should be to amplify the distinguishing feature else decision may not yield the best results. Feature wall concept looks most classy when used in plain simple large rooms. Such scenario gives the best results.

#2 Stone Slim Veneer Material selection

After selection of feature wall is made, turn has come for the selection of right Stone Slim Veneer which can gel well with other aspects of the room. Time of using paint or wallpaper on feature wall is gone, to give a royal look, Stone Slim Veneer has become a #1 choice. It’s becoming more and more popular with passing time. You can go with the right selection of stone as per your aesthetics taste, room settings etc. It will demand some time, if taken the decision wisely, your room will become the master piece in front of your friends and relatives.

Why Stone Slim Veneer has become a #1 choice of customers around the world?

Stone is an intuitive subject. It is natural and has a classy appeal, connects with luxury quite seamlessly. If you visit any fort or palace, you are bound to be amazed to see the amount of stone used and it looks so magnificent. Stone Slim Veneer adds depth, texture and not to be missed luxury to any room. There are plenty of advantages which comes part and parcel with Stone Slim Veneer, we have covered the same in our other article which you would like to check on the URL https://bit.ly/2fWbgdE.

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