While it’s nice to have options and choices, sometimes the very options end up creating confusions. Today, the newbie kitchen renovator faces a ton of choices. While initially, this may feel like a good thing, slowly it feels overwhelming and can even cause panic!

Well, never fear! Here, at Decor Slim stone veneer, we gathered our team of interior designers to give in their inputs. And, we have come up with a seven-step guide to help you carry out your kitchen renovation with ease.

Use this step-by-step guide to create your dream kitchen, and you could become a master chef in no time. Let ’s get started.

Decide on your Style

This is the starting point of it all. Do a google search of all the different styles of kitchens out there. Then, make a list of all styles that appeal to you. Create another list of styles that are a big no-no to you. Some of the popular kitchen styles include – rustic farmhouse, Nordic minimal, French country, industrial chic, retro diner, monochrome cool and more.

Once you have created this list, you can decide which styles work for you. There’s no need for you to stick with a single style. You can combine the design elements of two or more styles to create a unique kitchen, which reflects your personality.

Still confused, here’s a quick quiz that helps you decide the style of kitchen that works for you.

Work out your Colour Scheme

Colour is the trickiest part of the kitchen. And, getting it right is half the job done. With so many textures, materials and finishes, how do you figure it out. Rest easy, here we give you some rules of thumb to follow while deciding on the colour palette for your kitchen.

Keep it similar to the rest of the house.

An easy way to add a dash of colour to your kitchen is by using it on the accessories, while keeping the overall theme neutral.

If you choose a bold colour, then make sure that you’ll love it even after a few years or months down the line. Else, if you wish to use a bold colour, but don’t want to go all out, then just use it on the accessories.

Don’t mix plenty of colours. This creates a cluttered feel.

Here are a few colour schemes that work out well for different themes – beige and cream work out well for French country-styled kitchens, pistachio or biscotti for retro diner styled kitchens. Warm neutral colours give you timeless kitchens that never go out of style.

Decide on the Finish

There are plenty of elements in your kitchen that require varied finishes. Countertops, backsplashes, kitchen cabinets, and more. For the countertop and backsplash, stone is the most popular choice. Easy to maintain and durable, stone countertops are the No.1 choice for kitchens. If you feel that using stone for the backsplash is way beyond your budget, then no worries. You can always opt for Decor Stone Slim Veneers , which is made of natural stone but is available for a fraction of the price of natural stone.

By adding stone finishes, you make your kitchen look rustic, warm and welcoming.

Figuring out the Kitchen Layout

This is the cornerstone of the kitchen. An efficient layout helps you finish your kitchen chores with ease. The three elements of a kitchen that make up the layout include – food storage zone, food preparation zone and the clean-up zone. For efficiency, designers recommend that these three zones be positioned in a triangle-like structure.

Smaller the work triangle, higher is the efficiency of workflow. The key here is to position these areas close together so that the time spent walking from one area to another is reduced, while keeping them far enough so that one chore doesn’t interfere with another.

Also, ensure that you position appliances like refrigerator, oven and microwaves so that doors don’t conflict while opening.

Kitchen Storage

An efficient kitchen is one that comes with plenty of storage. Without adequate storage, you end up cluttering the countertop. Sliding doors, integrated cabinets for storage, pull-out appliance shelves are some smart ways to add more storage in a small kitchen.

If your family has the habit of eating in the kitchen, then you can consider adding a kitchen island. Another big advantage of a kitchen island is that you can conceal plenty of storage in the island counter and hide it out of sight with closed cabinets.

Let there be Light

Lighting is one of the most critical elements of the kitchen, but it’s so often overlooked. Get it right and your kitchen will instantly feel better. A gloomy dark kitchen not only feels cold, but also reduces the efficiency of the workflow.

If possible, try to renovate your kitchen in such a way that it lets in plenty of natural light. If natural lighting is not an option, make sure to include adequate electrical lighting. A recent trend is to add a strip of LED lighting surrounding your Decor stone slim veneer backsplash. This gives an added layer to the kitchen, and makes it feel warm and inviting.

Finally, the Eating Arrangements

While planning your kitchen renovation, you have to consider the distance between the kitchen and the dining room. After all, no one wants to make plenty of trips to and from the kitchen with their plates and cutlery. Try to position your dining room and kitchen as close as possible. Even, if you have a separate dining room, try to include at least a small café table and a couple of chairs in the kitchen, for informal meals with your family.

The Last Word

A kitchen is indeed the heart and soul of your home. Get it right with this simple step-by-step guide. If you need further help figuring out innovative ways to use Decor stone slim veneers in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to reach out to us . We are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in Decor stone slim veneers in India and can provide you with the best solutions for your specific requirements.