Hello readers! We recently had a wonderful opportunity to interact with one of our valued customers. We had completed a project for him at his newly renovated gorgeous apartment in sub-urban Gurgaon. We were able to ask him a few questions about how his recent Decor Stone slim veneer installation.

Read on to see what he has to say about his decision to choose Decor Slim stone for his renovation project, the actual installation process, the product he chose and above all his thoughts on how the stone slim veneer project has helped him earn the envious appreciation of all his guests.

Here’s an excerpt from our chat with him.

1. Hello, before we head in, can you give us a brief introduction about your stone slim veneer renovation project?

Sure, I would be delighted. Actually, my wife and I were looking to renovate our apartment for some time now. With both our kids, having grown up and left the nest, we thought it was the ideal time to change the decor. While we both wanted to choose something that will give our home a refined and sophisticated look, we couldn’t seem to agree on the material to use.

My wife wanted to use natural stone finishes at home, but she was reluctant as it would come with high maintenance. It was at this time that I started searching the internet for renovation materials that require minimal maintenance. And, I came across Decor stone slim veneer.

Having read about the benefits, we both decided that this was the way to go forward and this is how we ended up using faux stone for our renovation project. And, looking back today we can’t be but glad that we made this decision. Our house today looks gorgeous, and we get appreciation every time a guest comes home.

2. Now that you say guests appreciate your interior decor, don’t they find that you have     used artificial stone?

A big no! Initially, I was skeptical about decor slim stone veneer. I feared that it might look cheap and plasticky. But having completed the project, today I can proudly state that it looks and even feels just like natural stone. And, to this day, not even one single guest has been able to make out the difference. And, even after we reveal the material used, they don’t seem to believe it. And, I guess that’s why I am happy having chosen decor stone slim veneer.

3. What made you opt for Decor Stone Slim Veneer, say over other materials like wood,     MDF or even brick?

We wanted a timeless look that will never go out of style. We browsed through several home design sites, magazines and even consulted with a few architect friends of ours. We realized that stone for interior decor is back with a bang today.

And, once having discovered the benefits of stone slim veneer – mainly the affordable prices and easy maintenance, it was an easy choice for us.

4. Ok, what made you choose Decor Stone Slim Veneer for the supply and installation for      your renovation project?

After extensive research on Google and having read plenty of reviews from previous customers, we decided that your company is the way to go.

5. Can you mention all the types of Decor stone slim veneers you used for your project?

Since we were doing a major renovation; we decided to use several types of Decor stone slim veneers to distinguish between various areas of the house. For the kitchen, we wanted warm and welcoming colours. Hence, we opted for Vienna Hessonite Slate . For our central living area, we wanted something that would be a head turner, and that’s why we chose New York Silver Shine . Some other products we used include Tokyo Emerald, Dubai Copper , and Hong Kong Metal Nero .

6. Do you have any comments about your experience interacting with our stone experts     and installers, here at Decor stone slim veneer?

As you know as a factory owner, I have over thirty years of experience, watching and monitoring my employees closely. And, out of habit, I did the same with your team of installers.

And I was really satisfied with what I saw. They were very professional, highly courteous and on-time for the job every single day. And above all, they didn’t rush through the job. Instead, they took the time to ensure that everything was perfect and what more; they cleaned up after themselves, even after a long day of work. This was something that was much appreciated by the missus.

I also would like to add that they were more than installers. They were “artists”! I think stone slim veneer requires a different approach than other construction materials. It’s not like lining brick upon brick with mortar. This needs mimicking nature, to create a product that looks very close to the natural one. And, your guys did it exceptionally well!

7. Thank you. Those words really mean a lot to us. Final question, would you recommend     Decor Stone Slim Veneer to others?

Undoubtedly Yes! In fact, I have even recommended your team to many of my friends.

Wrapping it up

That was one delighted customer. If you would love to know more about our work or help us choose the right Decor stone slim veneer for your project, get in touch with us by clicking here .