Whether you use in your interior walls or exteriors, stone wall claddings are one of the easiest ways to uplift the beauty of your home. It makes your space feel organic, elegant and natural.

What is a Stone Wall Cladding?

It’s a decorative touch given to existing walls. In a stone wall cladding, natural stones or Decor stone slim veneers can be used to layer your walls. Some of the popular choices of stones used for cladding include slate, sandstone, granite, etc.

Why opt for Wall Cladding?

Available in an endless array of colors, patterns, textures, and materials, stone wall claddings are one of the best and quickest ways to add elegance and sophistication to your space. It lends a sense of personality to your house.

Not just aesthetics, a stone wall cladding can also add as an extra protective layer on your walls. What more, it improves the insulation of your home, thereby preserving the interior temperatures. This means your place stays cold in summers and warm in winters.

Where can you use Stone Wall Claddings?

Stonewall claddings are inexpensive compared to other methods of decoration. Today, claddings are gaining popularity in Indian homes across the country. The biggest benefit of wall claddings is that they are perfect for all homes – be it big or small, bungalows or apartments, rustic or contemporary ones.

Here are a few stunning wall cladding ideas to add to your home.

1. Give it a Rustic Touch

Pair your modern living room with exposed brick style walls to give it a touch of rusticity. Add in plush sofas, mood lighting to create an exciting interplay of warm tones and varied textures, which highlight the wall cladding.

Alternatively, you can add a brick backsplash to your modular kitchen.

2. Symmetrical Beauty

Ledgestone is a favorite style of wall cladding, where Decor stone slim veneers of the same sizes are arranged in continuous lines, covering the entire wall. The unfinished and gritty texture of ledgestone will serve as a striking contrast to your modern, crisp and sleek furnishings.

Alternatively, you can fit thin, rectangular stone slim veneer pieces of varying heights and widths to create a modern, Bohemian look to the room.

Today, Indian bathrooms are no longer drab and dank places. They are slowly becoming style statements and private sanctuaries. You can use ledgestone for lining your bathroom walls too.

3. Mesmerizing Outdoors

Give your outdoors a timeless look by opting for granite wall cladding. Additionally, since granite is an excellent absorber of heat, it prevents the harsh rays of the sun from entering your interiors, keeping your place cool, thereby reducing air-conditioning bills.

4. Mystique Black

Black stone wall claddings are one of those interior decor statements that never go out style. Apart from lending a sense of timelessness to your rooms, black walls pair well with all color themes. One point to note here is that opt for Decor stone slim veneers that don’t have sharp cuts to make your space feel less industrial.

5. Charm in Illusion

Try to create stone wall claddings that give the illusion of depth. This way your place not only looks bigger but also has a center point of focus.

6. White Serenity

Just like black, white is another color that never goes out of style. If you don’t have young kids, then you can opt for white colored wall claddings. This style makes your home look expensive and just like that you find in architectural digests. Add, a few indoor plants to add a splash of color.

Wrapping it up

For years, stone wall claddings were a standard feature only in Western homes. Today, with the easy availability and affordability of materials like Decor stone slim veneers, Indian homes are catching up to this trend. Stone wall claddings are a versatile design trend that never goes out of style. Make sure to choose your colors and styles carefully, to create a space that you’ll fall in love with. What more, wall claddings fit all spaces, be it your kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, or even outdoors.

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