Design a Stylish Room that Accommodates the Needs of a Growing Child

Decorating kids’ rooms are pretty tricky – the room has to grow and evolve as the child’s tastes mature over the years. To make sure that you don’t end up stuck with a room that your child will hate as a teenager, here are a few design basics:

Choose a Style that never goes out of Style

When it comes to creating classy children’s bedrooms – the key here is to lay a solid foundation. Keep the basics simple and classy, while changing the furnishings to adapt to your kid’s evolving tastes.

For instance, by lining the accent walls with Decor stone slim veneers and then change other furnishings as your kid grows. This helps you to create a room that is not only fresh but also sophisticated. It’ll never feel out of place, even ten years down the line.

Always invest in Classic Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture, simple is always the best for kids’ rooms. A bed that is shaped like a fairy-tale castle or a race car may work well for a 7 or 8-year old. But, by the time your kid grows and reaches his teens, you’ll need to get it replaced. This is not only extra hassles, but also a waste of money.

So, make sure to pick classic furniture that will serve your kid, until the time he/she leaves for college. Oak, teak, mango wood, seesham are good choices for furniture since they work with all colour themes and suit kids of all ages.

Keep this mantra in mind, while going furniture shopping – the simpler it is, the more versatile and flexible it is.

Make sure that the Room has plenty of Free Space

Unlike adults, kids need plenty of space to play, move, store and entertain friends. Make sure to keep your child in mind while designing and arranging the furniture. Don’t cram the entire space with wall-to-wall furniture and furnishings.

Don’t thrust your Fantasy into your Kid’s Space

Ok, as a kid you may have dreamt of a sleeping in a bunk bed. But, that doesn’t mean your kiddo will prefer the same. Let your child have a say, in designing the room. Decorating the bedroom is indeed a great opportunity for your kid to express his/her personalities. For instance, your child may want a reading nook, which you don’t know. Before designing a kid’s room, take some time to discuss what’s important for your kid and set priorities.

Don’t bother too much with Trends

The thing about trends is that – they keep on changing. Choose to follow a trend only if it suits your requirements and don’t follow something just because it’s in trend. Right now, adding succulents to interior spaces is a hot trend. But, if you have younger kids, who are likely to poke themselves with the plant or drop it, then it makes no sense to follow the trend.

If a trend catches your fancy, make sure to evaluate it and opt for it only if it suits you and your child’s personalities.

Don’t go Overboard with Accessories

Accessories are a great way to freshen up a boring room and to infuse some personality into a bland room. However, be cautious with your use of accessories. Remember the more the number of accessories, the longer is the time you need to spend cleaning the room. And, young kids certainly don’t want to spend their precious play time cleaning up the room.

So, make sure to keep in minimal and fuss-free.

Don’t buy Kid-sized furniture

One of the biggest mistakes most parents make when designing their kid’s bedrooms is not thinking ahead. Your little boy or girl may be under 4’ now, but in a few years’ time, he/she will be soaring over you. So, make sure that the child’s room can accommodate the future needs of the child.

Don’t invest in expensive toddler or kid-sized beds. Instead, invest in regular queen sized beds that will serve your child for years to come.

Consider adding Plenty of Shelves and Built-in Desk Space

Very often, when children go for college their old rooms get repurposed into a guest room or home office. So, make sure that your child’s room has plenty of shelves, desk space so that it can double up as a reading den or study when needed. Also invest in ample shelving so that your kid can have a place to display all their stuff and keep books handy.

Finally, don’t Spend more than you can Afford

It’s easy to get sucked in while designing your kid’s room, because children don’t know to separate their “wants” from “needs.” This is why, using Decor stone slim veneers for your kid’s room is a smart choice. Affordable, pocket-friendly, long-lasting and timeless – Decor stone slim veneers help you in creating a room that will grow with your child’s evolving tastes.

And, remember the three important elements for your child’s room are – High-quality comfortable beds, bright lighting and ample storage spaces. The rest are all optional.