A well-designed patio is a great value addition to your home. It not only creates more space for you to relax, but also serves as an excellent venue for hosting outdoor parties and events. However, designing a patio can be a bit expensive, especially if you’re looking to give it a touch of luxury.

Patio furniture costs several tens of thousands and needless to say about the decor, that can run up to a few lakhs.

Not to worry though, here in today’s post, we give you some excellent tips for designing a stunning, outdoor patio on a budget.

Tips for Designing a Unique Patio on a Budget

  • Accessorise the Space with Decor stone slim veneers

Decor stone slim veneer is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. The natural look of the stone adds a touch of luxury and makes your space feel refined and elegant. What more, Decor stone slim veneers require minimal maintenance and are quite durable, thereby you don’t run up huge repair costs in the years to come.

Decor stone slim veneers give you the best of natural stone for a fraction of the price. Check out our extensive gallery to choose the style that complements your home design.

  • Add a Splash of Colour

If you have used concrete for the walls and floors of your patio, it’s bound to feel mundane and even boring. You can brighten up the space instantly by painting the plain concrete tiles in vibrant colours. Use two or three colours that complement each other. Using spray paint is an inexpensive option. Additionally, with spray paint you can change the colours later if you want.

This creates a vibrant area in your backyard, where your kids will love playing for hours.

  • Use Curtains to Create Shade

Do you have a west-facing patio? Not able to sit outdoors during dusk, as the sun’s rays are a bit much? You can create a cosy outdoor spot by adding curtains surrounding the patio. Apart from blocking the sun’s rays, this helps you create an outdoor space that gives you and your guests a bit of privacy.

What more, your kids will love playing fort in this cosy, outdoor area.

  • Add a BBQ Pit

Do you love firing up your grill on cold winter evenings? Then, how about adding a fire pit to your outdoor space? A fire pit decorated with Decor stone slim veneers will look all the more stunning. Even if you don’t like cooking, adding a fire pit will help you start a bonfire to warm up, during the cold winter evenings.

Now, you can don the chef’s hat and serve your guests delicious food grilled in your backyard.

  • Old Tyres as Planters

Very often, when homeowners decide to pretty their patios look for store-bought planters. Instead, of spending a fortune on these fancy pots, you can create pretty planters at home, using old materials lying around in your garage.

Use old two-wheeler or four-wheeler tyres as planters. You can even spray paint the tyres to give them a unique look. Place these planters in specific places around your patio, to add a bit of quirkiness to the space.

  • Upcycle Old Materials

Old materials don’t necessarily mean junk. In fact, you can create a fabulous patio with old items that you no longer use. Check around your house to find things that can be upcycled to create a pocket-friendly and eclectic patio. Mix and match materials to create one-of-a-kind space that your guests will not forget.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands and thousands of ways to create an amazing patio without breaking the bank. Use the tips listed here to get started and remember to ring us at +91-82856-44444 to order your supply of Decor Slim stone veneers for your patio remodelling project.