With sky-rocketing real estate prices more and more city dwellers have to do with small spaces. But, just because your apartment is small, it doesn’t mean that it has to be cramped.

Here are the best tips from experts to make your small space look bigger without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re living in a small flat out of choice or because of budget constraints, you’re in luck. Here’s how to turn it into a cosy, intimate space that looks and feels bigger.

Read on to find the best design tips:

1. Start by Clearing out the Clutter

There’s nothing that makes a small space cramped like clutter. Whether you Marie Kondo your way and get rid of stuff drastically or take the good ol’ route of organising and arranging, it’s time for a top-to-down refresh.

If you don’t have the heart to discard all your prized possessions, make sure to arrange them neatly at out-of-sight places like behind doors, under staircases or on shelves. A systematically organized room always feels orderly and open, making it appear bigger than it actually is.

2. Open up the Pathways

Furniture or decor that blocks pathways makes a room feel tiny and cramped. Make sure that you position all your furniture away from pathways and entryways. Keep the spaces next to the doors cleared so that you can open the doors all the way through.

Remember, “An open pathway opens the entire space, making your room feel big.”

Choose furniture that has visible legs, instead of pieces that lie close to the floor. This is because the more the floor space visible, the more your room appears bigger.

3. Opt for Soft, Light Hues

While warm, dark colours make a space feel intimate and cosy, whereas cool, light colours lend it an open, airy feel. For the best effects, choose Decor Slim Stone veneers in shades of greens and blues.

Slate Decor Slim stones like Hong Kong Metal Nero, Vienna Hessonite, and Quartzite Decor Slim Stone veneers like Rome and Madrid are excellent choices for small spaces.

4. Keep it Monochromatic

Choosing colours that belong to the same family is a great way to make your room appear bigger. Start by deciding on a particular colour theme and use it on your textured wall finishes (Decor Slim Stone Veneers), upholstery fabrics, and draperies to give a more open look to your rooms.

5. Colour co-ordinate your Furniture to your Walls

Contrasting colours break up a space. On the other hand, similar colours blend with the surroundings.

Start by deciding on the colour of your Decor Slim Stone Veneers for your walls and then pick furniture pieces that match it.

6. Let in the Light

Any room appears bigger when it’s well-lit. You can opt for natural lighting wherever possible, else use artificial lighting. Ditch the heavy draperies and open up your windows to let the natural light flow into your rooms.

Additionally, you can brighten up your spaces with more lamps, recessed lighting or even track lighting.

7. Opt for See-through Glasses

If security isn’t a concern, you can opt for see-through materials like huge French windows for your rooms. For instance, if your bathroom is too tiny, then ditch the opaque glass panels on the windows and replace it with a clear, frameless one. This simple change can instantly make your rooms appear bigger.

8. Visually Separate spaces with Decor Slim Stone Veneers

Let’s imagine that your living room also doubles up as your dining room. You can make the space appear bigger by lining the floors surrounding your dining table with Decor Slim Stone Veneer. This gives the illusion of two rooms making the area look big.

9. Reflective Surfaces

A mirrored wall is a sure-shot way to make any room appear bigger. Opt for large framed mirrors or an over-sized standing mirror to play with reflection.

Additionally, opt for Lucite or glass for tabletops to open up the space.

10. Stick to Plain Fabrics for your Upholstery

When choosing upholstery for your furniture, opt for plain fabrics instead of prints, plaids or stripes. If plain feels boring, you can increase the visual interest by playing with textures.

11. Choose Airy Fabrics for the Curtains and Furnishing

Sheer fabrics let in light into your room. So, make sure to opt for cotton and sheer materials for curtains, table covers, bed skirts and furniture slipcovers. Stay away from heavy materials like velvet that make your room feel small.

12. Invest in a Few Quality Furniture Pieces

When it comes to rooms where space is a premium, make sure to invest in a few select pieces of furniture, instead of cramping the space with loads of furniture.

The Last Word

Follow these 12 simple rules when decorating your small space to make it feel bigger. Always remember that you’re looking to create a comfortable space and not a cluttered one.

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