As more architects and interior designers are experimenting with newer materials and styles, Decor Slim Stone veneers have emerged as one of the most sought-after, statement materials in construction today.

Stone – The King of Construction for Ages

Stone has always signified opulence, luxury, grandeur and above all permanence and durability. It’s certainly adds a dash of glamour and drama to any space, whether inside or outside. Additionally, Decor Slim Stone veneers are easy to work with and less expensive when compared to natural stone. Also, they don’t compromise on the beauty and texture of natural stone, thereby making it a great option for both homeowners and architects.

Decor Slim Stone Veneers – Versatile and Unlimited Range

One of the big draws of stone in construction is that it’s highly versatile. An accent wall lined with Decor Slim Stone veneers can instantly transform a dull, boring room into a sleek, contemporary showpiece reflecting your personality. Also, when used rightly, they add a rustic, warm ambience to any room or space.

You have an extensive array of choices when it comes to Decor Slim Stone Veneers. Whatever be the theme and style of your interiors, you can find the right design, texture and colour for it. Let your interior and exterior dreams come true with Decor Slim Stone veneers.

Now, we come to the big question.

How to ensure that your Renovations using Decor Slim Stone Veneers are Successful?

Ok, you’ve decided to renovate an old space or decorate a new home with Decor Slim Stone Veneers. Worried if the choice you make is right for your theme? Wondering if you’ll be able to pull it off?

Put your fears to rest. In this article, we bring you expert tips that help you in making your Decor Slim Stone Veneer decoration project a success.

Order Samples and Play around till you find the “Perfect” Colours and Textures

The first step in your project is to take a leisurely look at all the samples available in our gallery. Find designs that you like. Make a note of them and visit our storeroom to check them out in person. Not able to make a visit? Worry not, simply ring us and place orders for samples that intrigue you.

Once you have the samples in hand, place them in the space you’re renovating. Check out how they look in different lights; say in natural light in the mornings and under tubes/lamps in the evening. Seeing them in situ (meaning directly on the floor or wall of the space) will give you a better idea as to seeing it in showroom displays or online.

This gives you an idea if a particular style matches your space or if it feels mismatched.

The next step is to arrange the samples on the wall or floor. Break out of your shackles and let your creativity shine. Try out different, unique combinations like bright limestone paired with rich espresso and so on. Play around, till you find the perfect design that speaks to you.

Bring the Whole Theme Together

Totally clueless about what colours, textures, designs that you want? Check out Pinterest – the Bible of Design. Create a board and pin images that you like. You can also check out Houzz and other home design magazines for inspiration.

While deciding the colours for adjacent walls there is only one factor that you have to keep in mind. Don’t let the colours for adjacent walls overwhelm the accent wall. The reason behind an accent wall is to draw attention to it. So, let it be the centre of focus and go in for muted tones for the adjacent walls.

Trust a Professional

There’s no denying the fact that renovating your home with Decor Slim Stone Veneers is a pretty easy task. But, that doesn’t mean you should do it all by yourself.

Hire an experienced professional to get the job done seamlessly and perfectly.

If you’re opting for the DIY Route, equip yourself

However, if you’re taking the DIY route for installation of Decor Slim Stone Veneers, make sure that you’re qualified for the job. Check out Installation videos and tutorials to help you get an idea of how it’s done.

Always start from the corners. Start at the top of the wall and work your way to the bottom. This ensures that any mortar that falls down doesn’t land on other pieces. Once you have set all pieces in place, make use of a whisk brush to remove thin set or dried mortar.

The Bottom Line

Renovating your home with Decor Slim Stone veneers is easier than you imagine and adds a touch of elegance and glamour to your place. To get started on your project, give us a call @ +91-9871732020/8882466666. Our design experts are here to guide you right from the start to finish and help in making the space of your dreams come true.