Nearly one half of 2018 has whizzed by us! And, what about the home design and décor trends for this year? What’s in and what’s out?

Whether you’re looking to transform your home entirely or just highlight it with a few fresh décors, here’s a quick guide to the hottest looks of this year. Major inspirations ahead, so get ready bookmarking!!

  • Embellishments

Fringing, macramé, tassels, tufting, feathers – you name it, it’s big in interiors this year. You can see embellishments on everything from cushions, rugs, throws, wall hangings and other accessories. Embellishments add a crafted personal touch to your space – a couple of tactile pillows on sofas, a luxurious throw with tassels on your bed, or a quilted wall hanging is perfect to add a handmade quality to your rooms.

  • Textured Walls

Instead, of having plain walls, the key trend of this season is to texture walls. A simple way to do this is by opting for Décor Stone Slim Veneers for your walls. Available in a wide array of colors, materials, and patterns, you can now create a stunning accent wall with ease. This material is similar to natural stone but is available at a fraction of the cost.

  • Colors Inspired by your Favorite Frozen Treats

Think of the colors in ice-cream and gelato. They are going to be a huge trend in both interiors and fashion accessories this year. Popular interior designers have one tip for you while choosing these colors, “Why stick to one color when you can have a palette of stunning ones?” Mix paint colors and accessories to create one-of-a-kind rooms. If you don’t want to repaint your walls, you can introduce these pretty colors in the form of accessories (vases, wall paintings) or furniture (dining chairs, coffee tables, etc.)

  • Geometrics

This trend continues from last year. During 2017, we saw plenty of geometric patterns, especially on rugs and cushions. This trend is more prominent this year. You can spot geometric patterns on wallpaper, tiles, art, etc.

When using geometric patterns, remember the key is to keep it minimal. Instead, of mixing several prints and patterns, stick with just one for a striking centerpiece.

  • Foliage and more Foliage

Today, the humble houseplant has attained center stage. With increasing awareness about the health benefits of having indoor plants, more and more people are opting for houseplants. It has become a must-have accessory for homes.

So, head to your nearest nursery and invest in some potted plants. Try adding one pot to each room. No floor space? Opt for hanging plants that can be placed on shelves or mounted on walls. Spruce up an empty corner or nook with green beauties.

  • Indigo Blues

This is the hottest color trend of this year. It comes as an antidote to all the pastels of the last few years. If you feel that painting an entire room with this color is a bit too much, then opt for accessories. Embossed stoneware, ceramic vases, cushions and throws in this color are a great option. Vary the material, pattern, and style of each accessory to create a stunning display.

  • Ombre

This is one trend that has been going strong for a few seasons. From cakes and desserts, this trend has moved to interiors decors and styles. Today, you can spot ombre in several different ways at home – from rugs to bedding, cushions to curtains, and even on watercolor style ombre on furniture and artwork.

Once you have chosen the tones, coordinate it with other highlights of your room to create a complementary look.

  • Glittery Gold

The metallic trend that started last year has morphed into a single color this year – glittery gold. From paints to furniture, gold is the trending color of 2018. Not shiny as silver, gold gives you both decadence and understated elegance.

Gold detailing is now trending in photo frames, lamp shades, and doorknobs and handles. Try to pair your gold accessories with darker tones like blues and blacks to create an eclectic style.

  • Color Pops

This means you don’t go all out with one color. Instead, you just use a particular color on a small area so that it pops out dramatically. This trend is all about mixing a few contrasting bright colors together. This adds a zing to your interiors.

Start by choosing two or three colors and keeping the main color neutral. For example, using bright blue bedding against grey or beige walls.

  • Go Tropical

This trend works both inside and outside. Tropical prints are one of the easiest ways to dispel the gloom of your interiors. They instantly cheer a place and give it a refreshing look. Palm motifs, bright parrots, tropical birds, and foliage are some of the popular options out there.

So, which trend are you likely to add to your homes this year?